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Hoi3 Tfh Podcast [April-2022]




exe from here Akon, standard list, what is on your list? OerHeks: everything, cause ubuntu uses upstart so it's the same as far as I know Akon, no, not every ubuntu user has upstart, standard list is suggested. OerHeks: thanks, I meant standard recommended package Akon, good to know, but it is not the standard ubuntu standard, you could have stated that in the begining Hello, does anyone here know if this is a problem or if this is just something that can happen when the display resolution is not correctly set? phishon: What? My screen resolution is set to 1920 x 1200, but I get like the weird inverted triangle shape in the upper right corner. phishon: Are you logged in? Akon, yes phishon: Do you have any other display devices connected? Akon, yes. I'm using 2 screens. phishon: I have the same problem, but only in fullscreen games. phishon: In my case, I have an nvidia card, so I removed all drivers and let the system use the nouveau driver, and that works fine. Akon, that's weird... I can't try that because I can't use steam, I can't use steam because I have 2 displays. phishon: Really? Yeah, I'm trying to play on a monitor and the game is on another one. phishon: Why don't you just use one of the 2 screens? Akon, well, I don't know if it has something to do with my issue. I can't have both games on my display because I have 2 display settings (1 in 1920x1200 and the other in 1080x1920). Akon, I have to try



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Hoi3 Tfh Podcast [April-2022]

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