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Dance Fever may be Welch’s most ecstatically extra work yet. Just check “Free,” a titanic synth-rock banger in which she describes how epiphanies twist her mind and body like uncontrollable shocks (“Sometimes I wonder if I should be medicated,” she sings), or “Choreomania,” a dervish rush of catharsis that takes its title from the impromptu mass “dancing plagues” that swept Europe during the Renaissance. “Heaven Is Here” is a blast of swinging Celtic-folk hedonism, and on “Daffodil,” she sings about transcending generational torment with the “helpless optimism of spring.”

This album peaks with “My Love,” which brings to mind Everything But the Girl’s house-music interiority reengineered for a moonlit rave on the moors. Florence sings about a very mid-2020 sense of emptiness: “There is nothing to describe/Except the moon still bright against the worrying sky,” adding “All my friends are getting ill.” But she flips those bad vibes into her own disco-diva cri de coeur, demanding “Tell me where to put my love.” No matter what raw deal the world gives her, this is not an artist who will be settling for less.

The opener, “King” is the rare moment when Welch’s sights are set on the stifling nature of gender expectations. Blessed with a pleasant, trotting drum beat, she sounds totally in control as she performs her trademark vocal acrobatics. The lyrics tell the story of Welch eschewing the traditional roles forecasted for her, instead forging her own path. As the song nears its end, Welch cries out, the drums hit even harder, and we’re reminded once again just how much this band can do in moments of all-consuming chaos. The amount of anger swirling beneath the surface of “King” gets drawn out further on the stellar “Girls Against God,” a song that Welch calls “old testament style fury” at the thought of not being able to perform again; it is a glorious moment of misty-eyed vulnerability from a band so often dressed up in fairytales. “Oh, it’s good to be alive / Crying into cereal at midnight / And if they ever let me out / I’m gonna really let it out,” she sings on its refrain; it’s as important to show the phase of confinement as it is to show the cry of freedom.

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